Bridal Beauty Bootcamp Class

$300.00 | 120 MINUTES





Originally designed for our destination brides, the Bridal Beauty Bootcamp Makeup Class is perfect for the client who would like to learn to do her own makeup, instead of trusting it to someone you don’t know in a foreign place. If you don’t want to hire us to come along to your sunny destination (hint, hint: we travel!), then learning to do-it-yourself is the next best thing!

Perhaps you’re having a microwedding and your big celebration is happening at a later date? Or maybe you’re having a small nuptials ceremony and keeping your vendor list to a minimum? Bridal Beauty Bootcamp has also become popular since the pandemic has come into play and some brides have felt more comfortable to do their own.

This Bridal Beauty Bootcamp Makeup Class is the perfect opportunity to learn not only how to do your own beauty makeup for the big day, but learn some fantastic techniques for day-to-day as well.

This lesson is 2 hours in length, is an intensive look at ‘why and how’ we apply bridal makeup for long wearability and picture perfect results. The Bridal Beauty Bootcamp Makeup Class will also come with a comprehensive shopping list, with shopping links when possible.



We strongly suggest taking Personal Shopping or Beauty Basics prior to Bridal Beauty Bootcamp in order to ensure you have the basic fundamentals needed and proper tools to start your bridal makeup application.



  • This customized class will teach you how to use your skincare and makeup products to achieve a picture perfect look.

  • Teach you how to apply foundation like a pro. It’s a fine line between what looks great in photos but still looks like you!

  • Teach you how to properly apply concealer, and how to correct it (if needed) should you cry.

  • Teach you how to achieve that “blushing bride” look that every bride wants!

  • Teach you how to apply lip pencil and lipstick using professional techniques, so your lips stay kissably soft for hour.

  • We will create and customize a stunning eye makeup look, complete with false lash instruction (if desired).

  • All of this instruction will feature long-wearing techniques, as well as how to correct & touchup, should you need to.

  • Determine the tools needed for your look, and fill in any gaps in your collection.


You will receive a much more detailed list of requirements once your Online Makeup Classes is confirmed, but here's a general list of what is needed:

  • This is a hands-on experience and needs to take place where there is a lot of counter space and a lot of natural light (hint: kitchen tables work great!).

  • Either a computer, tablet/iPad or smartphone will work for the lesson. Just be sure your device has decent camera/video capabilities, and ensure you have a strong internet connection, so the feed and resolution is as clear as possible.

  • As with all of our makeup class (in-person and virtual), please be prepared with all of your makeup and clean makeup brushes.

  • Have a vanity mirror on a stand handy to place on the table to keep your hands-free.

  • A notepad and pen/pencil to make notes and shopping lists (trust me, there will be lots!)

  • And lastly, you must be ready to practice and learn! It’ll be fun - promise!