Girls Night In Class

Starting at $500.00 | 120 MINUTES


Get ready to glam up and have some fun with your friends! Join our virtual makeup class where a professional makeup artist will walk you through the basics of makeup application over Zoom. You'll learn the secrets to achieving a flawless complexion, creating a classic eye look, and perfecting your pout.

This class is perfect for anyone looking to refresh their makeup skills, try out new products, or simply have a fun girls' night in. No matter your skill level or makeup preference, our makeup artist will tailor the class to fit your individual needs and guide you every step of the way.

So grab your favorite makeup products, a mirror, and your besties, and get ready to slay! We'll provide a list of recommended products beforehand to ensure you're all set for the class.



  • A personalized, virtual makeup class that ensures you have the correct tools and products in your makeup bag

  • Teach you how to choose the correct textures for your skin type.

  • Teach you how to determine the perfect colours for a timeless and effortless everyday look.

  • Teach you how to determine the appropriate skin care choices and skin prep needed for an easier makeup application .

  • Determine the tools needed for your look, and fill in any gaps in your collection.

  • Educate you on how to apply a basic complexion application that you can then build on, as you practice and gain for confidence.


You will receive a much more detailed list of requirements once your Online Makeup Classes is confirmed, but here's a general list of what is needed:

  • This is a hands-on experience and needs to take place where there is a lot of counter space and a lot of natural light (hint: kitchen tables work great!).

  • Either a computer, tablet/iPad or smartphone will work for the lesson. Just be sure your device has decent camera/video capabilities, and ensure you have a strong internet connection, so the feed and resolution is as clear as possible.

  • As with all of our makeup class (in-person and virtual), please be prepared with all of your makeup and clean makeup brushes.

  • Have a vanity mirror on a stand handy to place on the table to keep your hands-free.

  • A notepad and pen/pencil to make notes and shopping lists (trust me, there will be lots!)

  • And lastly, you must be ready to practice and learn! It’ll be fun - promise!