Teen Glow-Up Class

$150.00 | 75 MINUTES




 Is your teen ready to dab into the makeup world?

With so much information floating around, it’s hard to know which makeup products or techniques are a good fit for beginners. Because sometimes social media can leave us even more confused!

This personalized session includes a 15-20 minute consult prior to the application so we can make suggestions of what to buy BEFORE the class. Then, we go step-by-step through it all during an hour long class. No such things as mistakes here!

Areas of Focus: skin care, light & glowing makeup application, brush care and cleanliness.

Final Result: your own skin care and makeup plan designed to accentuate your developing beauty.

Post Session: following your Teen Glow-Up class, you will receive your personal Zoom lesson recording, customized summary of your lesson, complete with shopping list & recommendations.

Teen Glow-Up Objectives

  • A personalized, 15 minute zoom consult that ensures you have the correct tools and products in your makeup bag before we do your 60 minute Teen Glow-Up class

  • Determine the appropriate skin care choices for clearer skin and smoother makeup application.

  • Educate you on how to apply a basic and simple makeup look that you can then build on, as you practice and gain for confidence

  • Help you identify expired products and know when to toss them

  • Determine the tools needed for your look, and fill in any gaps in your collection

  • Educate you on brush care, and overall makeup bag cleanliness.


You will receive a much more detailed list of requirements once your Online Makeup Classes is confirmed, but here's a general list of what is needed:

  • This is a hands-on experience and needs to take place where there is a lot of counter space and a lot of natural light (hint: kitchen tables work great!).

  • Either a computer, tablet/iPad or smartphone will work for the lesson. Just be sure your device has decent camera/video capabilities, and ensure you have a strong internet connection, so the feed and resolution is as clear as possible.

  • As with all of our makeup class (in-person and virtual), please be prepared with all of your makeup and clean makeup brushes.

  • Have a vanity mirror on a stand handy to place on the table to keep your hands-free.

  • A notepad and pen/pencil to make notes and shopping lists (trust me, there will be lots!)

  • And lastly, you must be ready to practice and learn! It’ll be fun - promise!