Online Makeup Classes

Of course with makeup, there are no rules...but wait - there are!

Knowing the rules helps to create a beautiful, flawless application. And once you get comfortable with that, then you can learn how to break the rules if you want.

New to makeup? Let’s get started with the basics first. 

Approximately 90-120 minutes in length, Virtual Makeup Classes are ideal for learning the tips and techniques of basic (or advanced) make-up applications. Whether you are looking to learn simple make-up application techniques or how to perfect a smokey eye, the choice is yours! 

In every single Virtual Makeup Class topic, we will cover your skincare routine, review your current makeup selection, make recommendations on what can stay, and what should go.



CLASS PRICING STARTS AT $200 + HST for 90 mins session

  • BEAUTY BASICS - Let’s rework your makeup bag and your day-to-day routine!

  • TEEN GLOW-UP - Is your teen ready to dab into the makeup world? This ultra-beginner class is designed to accentuate your teen’s developing beauty (not mask or hide it); $140 for 75 mins.

  • PERSONAL SHOPPING - Do you hate everything in your makeup bag? Let’s shop together to find your perfect products. It’s like your very own makeup concierge service!

  • BRIDAL BEAUTY BOOTCAMP - Destination wedding requiring you to do your own bridal makeup? No problem! Let’s teach you how to do your own makeup for your special day.

  • FOUNDATIONAL BEAUTY – Learn how to apply your foundation, concealer and blush like a pro. This is a must have for great makeup - COMING SOON

  • AGELESS BEAUTY - Are your products no longer performing like they used to? Let’s revamp your makeup to give your skin the radiant, youthful glow you’re looking for.

  • EYEMASTERY – Let’s focus on personalized eye makeup looks.

  • CAMERA READY - Zoom meetings a reality? Other on-camera appearances? Let me teach you how to do your makeup for any on-camera occasion.

*We highly suggest doing: BEAUTY BASICS or PERSONAL SHOPPING first.*


Your Online Makeup Class is the best virtual experience possible, and upon completion, you will receive:

  • Your own customized virtual makeup class suited to your own personal needs, since makeup and learning is not one-size-fits-all
  • A Zoom recording of your entire lesson, in order to review techniques learned and other tips, tricks & products that might have been mentioned. Have a question about something we discussed? You have your own recording of exactly what we did!
  • A digital facechart rendering of your new look, along with all products - existing and recommended - listed for you. Don’t have time to go through the entire recording we sent you? Everything we discussed will be listed here so you can refer to it quickly.
  • A comprehensive shopping list, including links where possible, because we like to make your life easy when it comes to shopping for your new products!

You will receive a much more detailed list of requirements once your Online Makeup Classes is confirmed, but here's a general list of what is needed:

  • This is a hands-on experience and needs to take place where there is a lot of counter space and a lot of natural light (hint: kitchen tables work great!).

  • Either a computer, tablet/iPad or smartphone will work for the lesson. Just be sure your device has decent camera/video capabilities, and ensure you have a strong internet connection, so the feed and resolution is as clear as possible.

  • As with all of our makeup class (in-person and virtual), please be prepared with all of your makeup and clean makeup brushes.

  • Have a vanity mirror on a stand handy to place on the table to keep your hands-free.

  • A notepad and pen/pencil to make notes and shopping lists (trust me, there will be lots!)

  • And lastly, you must be ready to practice and learn! It’ll be fun - promise!